Great Master Number 11

Great Master Number 11

The Life Path Number 11 has been one of the more famous Numbers along with the Numbers 22 and 33 in Numerology. They are all referred to as the Great Master Numbers.
Life Path Number 11 which is also referred to a Great Master Number, is the combination of two Life Path Number 1.
These people are complete energetic being. You are naturally intuitive, full of wisdom and the truth seekers.
Life Path Number 11 people are natural healers and they are always the problem solver, that is why people run to them for help.
Poets, artists, scientists are usually found with the 11 Life Path Number
They are mostly inventors.
Slow and steady run the race is the Life Path Number 11 motto. They usually take a step at a time.
You can sometimes be confused, baffled and not know what is next in action.
The Life Path Number 11 people are very sensitive and diplomatic.

Barack Obama, Jennifer Aniston, and Jimmy Kimmel.

Life Path Number 11, the Great Master Number, has a great potential to be an inspiring soul for others.
You have the ability to showcase lots of impressive skills, that people wonder how you are able to do it.
You influence the natural wisdom you have to others.
Usually the 11 people don’t know the potentials they are filled with.
Most of the time you’ve been abused since your childhood, this makes you reserve your potentials.
You are have a powerful personality, that makes it so easy to influence many people around you, which most of the time you are not aware of.
A lot of people are inspired through you.

You are naturally intuitive, full of wisdom and of the truth seekers.
The Life Path Number 11’s are center of attraction because of they always get solutions to problems, they’re full of wisdom and a source of truth.
The best answers to unexpected questions come out from you, even when you are not prepared. This is as a result of the fact of you being intuitive. At times you get surprised at yourself, for being so magical.
Irritations and agitation might arise when you are unable to showcase the gift you have, this can also make you too feel low.
However, you have to make sure that all these expectations are achievable, and that is why you need to stand on your feet, do what is necessary and have at the back of your mind, that nothing is non-achievable.

Love Life:
The sensitivity of Life Path Number 11’s are on the high rate.
They are wonderful and great lovers with a lot of purity as they have an eye for both inner and outer beauty.
The Life Path Number 11 has a magical and healing power; their lovers always want to be around them because of their magnetic aura, which is why there is a possibility of you getting into the field of massage and acupuncture.

You will do so well in being an inventor, poet, artist, scientist, and a leader. Your intuitive self will help you in all these profession.
Most great inventors and scientists are born with Number 11 Life Path.
You can’t believe you have the potential to do them but somewhere inside you do know that you stand out from the rest, that you are unique and you have some powers that are beyond anything.
You are more conscious about yourself, because you smell you are different from everybody.
Again, you are not just here on earth for nothing sake, but here to work on the power and intuitions gifted to you by nature.
At times being too conscious won’t help out, instead you should be able to take the benefit of this power and use it in a way that helps you evolve from where you stand.
You love to move at a slow pace, and always wanting validation about your potential from people.
You have so much to achieve, and that is why you take your own time to do so.
You may also be confused, baffled and perplexed at times apart from losing your direction. However, you need to believe in yourself, and work accordingly, in other to be successful.

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