Immortality Number

The only Number attributed to the Immortality Number is the Number 17.

If you are born on this Number or your Life Path Number give a total of 17, it simply means you leave behind a legacy with the power of this Number, to your family, the community, or the greater world.

Because, people of this Number are intrigued and attracted to live a lifestyle of exploration and invention.

To understand this Number, you will need to understand the Number 8, because if we add up the 1 and 7, it gives us 8.

The Number 17 are supernatural being, they are gifted with the spiritual and material world.

Number 8 represents two windows above and below, one above, giving you a vision of the spiritual, and the one below, relating to the material.

That is why the 17 derive their materialistic life from the spiritual world.

This is by creating visions directly from your soul and materializing them into goods, you can exchange for money.

To be well fulfilled and have plenty of abundance, the Number 17 needs to operate on the material and spiritual realms.

Money would be the focus for the 17 person, whether they have it or not.

But eventually, they experience it in their life time.

Leadership comes so natural for the 17 person, they are meant to lead in some way.

It’s doesn’t necessarily need to be a success in the business or financial world.

This Immortality Number signifies respect, justice, honor, impartiality, and dignity in everything they do or say.

They usually know people in high authority, because they possess an authority being as well.

The 17 is a spiritual Number, most people with this Number will struggle in their early life.

But they often overcome it later on and align with peace and love.