Life Path Number 1

Life Path Number 1

People with Life Path Number 1 are considered to be strong and fearless leaders, love to be in control of their freedom, believe in themselves, and are independent in nature.

They are very ambitious and very committed to anything they put their mind on, even though they come across pains or obstructions along the way, they put in a lot of perseverance to overcome it all.

You become very aggressive when things don’t goes in line as you expected, which has a negative effect on you.

People born with the Life Path Number 1 are extremely imaginative, dynamic, and intelligent.

You can get restless often.

You can also be proud, arrogant, violent, selfish, or overenthusiastic, overconfident, highly competitive.

You are a domineering person.

You easily get to your desired place in life when you work alone.

People who have Life Path Number 1 are known to be courageous leaders.

They tend not to get influenced by others and like to be the only ones to control their freedom and hold onto it.

They are self-dependent and do not rely on others.


Steve Jobs, Charlize Theron, George Clooney, Larry King, Martin Luther King, Charlie Chaplin, Lady Gaga, Tom Cruise, Ernest Hemingway, Mikhail Gorbachev, George Washington, Tiger Woods, Calvin Klein, Tom Hanks, Kate Winslet, Henry Ford, and Jack Nicholson.


Having Life Path Number 1 as your Numerology, this simply means you are a purposeful and a goal-oriented person who has a lot of determination and dedication to reach your goal.

There is this energy and zest to achieve something in life with hard work and commitment.

Lots of heart and soul are put together into accomplishing your goals.

You are always bold to challenge any problems and hurdles that come your way.

You are very clear in your path and quite responsibly take up challenges to meet your needs.

Irritations and agitations occur when things are not going your way or as planned, which has a negative impact on you.


The dynamic trait that sets you apart from the others is that you are very creative, dynamic and intellectual, which helps you in your day to day tasks and dealing with people.

You are bold enough to take risks and create your own path towards success, even though you do lose your mind sometimes and become aggressive and dominating.

You give great importance to success, struggle, and self-dependence, which is why you sometimes become restive in nature as well.

Selfishness, aggressiveness, self-concerned or overenthusiastic are major negative characteristics of Life Path Number 1, which can affect your talents and productivity.

You may also inculcate a dominating attitude and become a bit violent as well, which should be taken care of before the situation gets out of hand.


The Life Path Number 1 likes to be in charge.
But unfortunately, this can lead to different kinds of issues, especially if your partner is of the same Life Path as you.

Compromise is not something you’re familiar with, and if you’re in a relationship with someone as bossy as yourself, there will be a lot of instability in that relationship.

Fortunately, every Life Path has the number they are compatible with.

Even for those with the Life Path Number One.

Number 1s are compatible with Life Path Numbers 3, 5, and 6.

All three have a dynamic personality that attracts the powerful 1, but they have the flexibility to put up with 1’s less attractive traits.

As far as relationship compatibility goes, Number 3 is relaxed and laid back, with a happy-go-lucky attitude to things.

Life Path Number 5 is an adventurous soul and will introduce 1 to new and different experiences, while 6’s loving nature will soften 1’s hard approach.

The Number 1’s determination and will-power are two of your greatest assets when it comes to relationships.

Once you’ve decided your partner is worth it, you will do everything in your power to make the relationship a success.

Unbeknownst to many, you are a true romantic, and a protector, which means you will drop whatever it is you’re doing to help your partner out.

This is because you put your all in your relationships with the same zeal as you do everything else.

Your approach to love will also be influenced by the other Numbers in your chart.

Your Soul, Personality, and Destiny Numbers will change how your love life unfolds.


All Life Path Number 1 are always at their best when left alone.

When they are kept by themselves and allowed to work in their own ways with freedom, they can be the most fecund and alert.

That’s why it’s advisable for them to be their own CEO.

They are also advised to own a business related to construction or crafts.

So, if you work hard and dream big, it is likely that you will be able to achieve it with your devotion and determination.

However, this can also cause a lot of strain, tension, and worry which may have an adverse effect on your body.

Thus, it becomes a compulsion for you as a Life Path Number 1 to follow a proper schedule, diet, and exercise to keep yourself fit and healthy, both mentally and physically.

You can also pick up a sport of your choice, which is also an excellent alternative to stay fit.

As a Life Path Number 1, what you have to keep in mind is, to not be over-confident or be too proud of yourself because being firm to the ground while also being an achiever makes you more humble, which is a trait of a successful person.

Instead, being grateful for the skills and abilities you have will help you evolve more as a human being.

People with Life Path Number 1 are creative, hard-working, determined and can be quite successful as individuals.

However, this can only continue when all these skills are used suitably; otherwise, they cannot be of any use.

Generally, these people are attracted towards business or Government organizations, for they prefer to pursue a career which needs a potential leader.


The Number 1 people will notice a subtle beneficial change in their general well-being and can increase their positive essence by wearing topaz or amber next to the skin.

There are tendencies-to suffer from heart problems in some form, such as palpitation or irregular circulation, lower back, accident to the spine, sometimes high blood pressure and should have their eye tested regularly.

Sometime sexual disorders may surface, such as frigidity in women and impotency in men.

But these problems are temporary and can be reversed by the right mental control.

October, November and December of every year are the months when most ill health symptoms mental or physical sickness or accident will strike a 1 person.

The kinds of food which should be eaten frequently by a 1 person are raisins, barley bread, barley, oranges, lemons, and dates.

The principal herbs which will go a long way towards the eventual achievement of permanent good health for a Number 1 person are: Saffron, Chamomile, Lavender, bay leaves, thyme, and musk. Verbatim and myrrh.