Life Path Number 2

Life Path Number 2

Life Path Number 2 people are emotional, peaceful, sympathetic, reserved, and conservative.

You are also known as the natural healer, not only do you value charm and grace, but you may also possess the ability to heal yourself and others.

You are the most patient person of all the Numerology, people see you as a loyal and favorite partner and you are a very supportive team member.

As a result, there’s a good chance you will get involved in physiotherapy, counseling, massaging, and other places where your healing ability can be put to use.

Life Path Number 2 enjoys spending time in nature, listening to music, poetry, and other activities.

Furthermore, have it in mind, however, that your over-sensitivity may be a disadvantage for Life Path Number 2 in Numerology, because people love taking advantage of your kindness.

This can be stressful at times, and you can become annoyed and agitated as a result.

You direct your energy toward achieving your goal, which aids you in achieving better results.

Life Path Number 2 people have committed and dedication lovers who value love and care.

You would be successful in the areas of healing, teaching, and counseling.

You are creative, talented, skillful, hardworking, and dedicated.

Your basic feelings are empathy and love.



Murray Abraham, Julie Andrews, Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Bacon, Orlando Bloom, Kenneth Branagh, Pierce Brosnan, Billy Campbell, Mariah Carey, Bill Clinton, Paris Hilton, Ashley Judd, Madonna and Anne Rice



Life Path Number 2 runs from anything problem.

Their motto is all about peace.

Basically, they are the peace-lovers.

They are emotional, sympathetic and reserved in their nature.

These characteristics of Life Path Number 2 have both advantages and a disadvantages; it all depends on how they make use of these qualities.

However, as they are so perceptive and thoughtful, they either make use of the skills they have, or they restrain and subdue them.

They are generally perceived positive as well, and thus are admirable traits which can be used for their own good.

Life Path Number is 2, are also intuitive by nature, your calmness makes your spirit guide to connect with you easily.

Your patience and calmness make people to work with you; they feel you are going to be a good partner.

Therefore, because of this same quality, you bond well with others when you have to work in a group.



Your level of sensitivity is on the high rate, and therefore you often try to suppress or hold back your thoughts and do not let them flow outside as you do not convey them, which at times can lead to frustrations, and you may tend to be irritated and agitated as well, but it is all about having patience and continuing to improve on controlling your sentiments rather than avoiding conversations with people around you.

You have a lot of hidden power that can be used to your own advantage.

You can use it to reach your goals and to fulfill your wishes.

You channelize your energies towards reaching your aim, and that helps you in achieving things in a better way.

The fact that you are conscious enough to use this strength makes you grab hold of various opportunities and make the best of them is your strongest point.



You are a dedicated and committed lover, who care, and value you partner with lot of emotions as sympathy and this makes you gel so well with your partner.

You are so dedicated in a relationship to the extent of putting your mind and soul, forgetting your values and worth, that’s why you may lose your temper if you find that you are betrayed or misbehaved with.

You, as a Life Path Number 2 personality are a wonderful partner, and a perfectionist who does not give up easily until he or she has reached his or her goal.



As a Life Path Number 2, you are an intuitive, creative, talented and a skillful person, who is dedicated towards his or her goals in life.

You are found of showing emotions and exhibit empathy and love towards everyone that comes your way.

You are so diplomatic to the extent of having a greater understanding of life, love, and relationships along with being determined and committed towards your goals which helps you make the correct decisions in life, though at times you do lose your grip over these things as you are also a human being.

Basically, you are a very conscious wise soul always trying to make the best decision in life.



The colors that harmonize with the Number 2 are: light green, pale yellow, silver, violet and lavender.

The kinds of related health challenges for a Number Two are tendency to suffer from stomach problems and digestive disorders.

They are susceptible to protamine poisoning and should be careful of the food they eat and water they drink when they are not in their own residence.

The breast and chest area are vulnerable to problems most complaints of Life Path Number 2 people.

January, February and July of every year are the months when most ill health symptoms both mental and physical will strike the Number 2, brought on by negative emotional attitudes, depression, tension, anxiety or over work.

The Life Path 2 should be serene as those months approach.

The kinds of food to be eaten frequently by the Number 2 people are: lettuce, cabbages, cucumber, and melon.

The principal herbs which will go a long way towards achieving a permanent good health are chicory, endive rapeseed, colewort, moon wort, linseed, ash of willow, and water plantain.