Life Path Number 5

Life Path Number 5

Generally, Life Path Number 5 are communicators, travelers, explorers, keen to meet new people and gain knowledge, inquisitive, confident, curious, multi-taskers, adaptable.

They love being everywhere and so curious to add to their knowledge anywhere they find themselves.

You are a motivating and inspiring person.

You know how to make use of words and languages, some of them are linguistics.

You are so dynamic, ideal in the sales, entertainment, and government service field.

You are involved in exploring sensuality, love, food, and sex.

You are not systematic and organized but rather more impetuous.

Not being discipline is what will put you into problems most of the time.

The Life Path 5 are very much talented, skillful and diverse in their abilities, but there could also be times where you would not be able to act to your full capacity.

Success might be a slow and steady for the Life Path Number 5.

You find yourself doing a lot of things, that people call you jack of all trade, master of none, but in your own case, you are trying to discover which work suite you .



Nicolas Cage, Mary Chapin Carpenter, George Clooney, David Copperfield, Tom Cruise, Eminem, Tom Hanks, Larry King, Calvin Klein, Alanis Morissette, Jack Nicholson, Kate Winslet, and Tiger Woods.



The Life Path Number 5 are master of adventure, they find so much fun in being adventurous.

They are so excited to meet new people, go to different places and explore in order to gain knowledge about a variety of things.

They are extroverts, who are very inquisitive and curious in their essence.

They are can do one thousand and one things at a time.

That is why instability is not in their dictionary, they are always interested in knowing it all.

Adaptability to change is common for the Life Path Number 5.

You examine things anywhere you go and dig up new information which you love to decipher.

You have an optimistic personality; you also have an enthusiastic approach to life.

However, people see you as a role model, because of your energetic vibe.



Indiscipline and being unorganized can cause you not be able to work in your full capacity to achieve some level of execution despite you being so talented, skillful and diverse.

So, it advised that you live a disciplined life and be so conscious of you actions, focus on what you want rather than concentrating on things that are not needed.

You can be reckless at times, so it is important to know how capable you are while trying to get to your desired place in life.

This will help you acquire your maximum potential and help achieve all your dreams, which in turn will give you inner peace and utter joy.

It is very important to leave your comfort zone, which is your home of birth, try to explore to the world, because you will get lot of opportunities from foreigners.

You need to know precisely what you want to pursue.

Your parents may not support you when you initially start a venture but do not hesitate to range over the grazing ground and find something worth doing.

If you can know the true meaning of being free and explore your capabilities in time, you will surely live a more balanced life.

You are talented, courageous and brave which will keep pushing you over the fence in search of newer pastures until you have found the one where you want to stay.


Love Life:

You are so good in exploring sensuality, love, food, and sex; and you also have a good eye for beauty.

Having fun and pleasure is something you don’t joke with.

You tend to enjoy your life to the fullest by engaging in sensory pleasures as well, that is why you find it so difficult to get committed in a relationship.

However, once you commit, you become the most loyal and faithful partner.

A lot of the Life Path Number 5 can be sometimes disorganized and unsystematic.

You misuse freedom at time, get addicted to stuffs; sometimes make you over-indulged towards food, sex, and drugs.

You need to be careful of overindulgence.

Try as much as possible to cherish life.



The Life Path Number 5 are gifted with the talent to play with words in a positive way, people refer to some of them as having sugar coated mouth.

Which is why, you may have an excellent chance to work in any of the fields that need a friendly, engaging and a communicative person like MC, DJ, comedian, entertainers, Government service which requires you to speak to the public often, promotional or any field that requires traveling very often as well.

Life Path Number 5 people are very confident, zesty and talking to the public can be something so natural that they find easy to do, that’s why a lot of the 5 numbers are so successful in that field.



Positive essence will be derived if the Life Path Number 5 can be wearing aquamarine germs platinum, or silver next to the skin.

5 people live too much on their nervous and may suffer from insomnia, twitching in their face or eyes, and phantom pain in the shoulders, arms and hands.

A mental tension, they can become irritable and nervous.

They are advised to remain calm and patient when event around them are stressful.

Sleep and rest in quiet surroundings will have noticeable healing effects.

June, September and December of every year are the months when most ill health symptoms mental or physical sickness or accident will strike the Number 5 person.

The kinds of foods which should be eaten frequently by a 5 person are carrot, parsnips, sea kale, oat meal, bread, Presley and nut of all kinds, especially hazelnuts and walnuts.

The principal herbs will go a very long way toward the eventual achievement of permanent good health for a Number 5 person.