Life Path Number 6

Life Path Number 6

When we talk of Life Path Number 6, then words related to love, affection, care, and humility are involved, they like to serve humanity for a more significant cause.

You get so emotional and have got plenty of empathy towards those who are weak and are suffering.

Don’t expect your efforts to be appreciated by everyone, because not everyone will know your value.

A good relationship is being shared between you, your family and loved ones.

Life Path 6 people try all their best to provide their family with love, peace, and respect.

These feelings are reciprocated due to your loving and understanding nature.

You are a loving partner and a caring parent.

You may be more of an exponent to your children.

The Life Path Number 6 may nurture them amorously, with protection, and harmony which is important.

Basically, you are an honest individual who is lovable, dependable and is filled with empathy for others.

You are a free-minded, warm-hearted and charming individual.

You need to create boundaries by not putting all responsibilities on your back, give your loved ones the chance to make mistakes and learn from them, rather than you doing everything for them.

Do not have the mindset that you can solve everyone’s problem, or else you will die of responsibilities.

You are a resourceful person.

Life Path Number 6 people may be inclined towards visual arts.

Business as a career won’t be a bad idea.



Albert Einstein, John Lennon, Christopher Reeve, Michael Jackson, Goldie Hawn, Bruce Willis, Robert De Niro, Eddie Murphy and Neave Campbell.



Helping people is one of the ultimate passions for the Life Path Number 6.

This Number is associated with a lot of love, affection, care, and humility.

You are someone who likes to serve humanity for a more significant cause.

You get so emotional to the extent of having empathy for the needy.

Helping the needy gives you lots of joy you can’t comprehend with.

You are ready to inconvenient yourself just to help people, that’s your sign of showing love.

This personality can be so hard to find, that is why some people use your emotional personality to cheat you.

That is why there is a thin line between helping someone and invading their privacy.

Not everyone may appreciate your efforts.

Thus, don’t be too hasty in carrying everyone’s responsibilities; you can actually guide them on how to go about it.

Doing everything for them will not stop other people’s responsibilities to come up, and this won’t make you have adequate time for yourself.

However, this can only happen when you have a genuine concern for the one who is suffering.

Your family and loved ones have a mutual relationship with you.

You try to give them love, peace, and respect.

These feelings are reciprocated because of your loving and understanding nature.

Your partner will really enjoy you and your kids will be so proud to have you as their parent.

You will be more of a friend to your children.

You will nurture them with love.

While helping others, try as much as possible to think about yourself first and stay fit, before considering others, so they don’t use you.

Then know that you are not obligated to solve everyone’s’ problems.



Life Path Number 6 people are good at influencing people to the right path to live life.

Love and beauty is what they admire most, they have good sense of fashion, they are also known as fashionista.

They know how to make use of words with their beautiful voice, this make everyone to want to listen to them.

They are lovers of art and appreciate art in all its forms.

They are peace loving who value friendship, and they are loyal and lifetime friends who rush to their friend’s side in the time of crisis.

Life Path 6 worries too much over insignificant issues most especially about other people’s affairs.

When it comes to helping others, they go overboard.

Another negative side they have is cold shouldering others who they feel has no common viewpoints as theirs.


Love Life:

Marriage easily comes to you at early stage in life, try not to indulge in any relationship for the wrong set of objectives as it may have a negative impact on you.

Do not let any emotional influence be the reason for your attachment, especially when choosing your life partner.

Make sure you are so aware of the person’s compatibility with yours before signing in to any commitment.

More so, make sure you do not spoil or make your loved ones too relaxed by taking all the responsibilities, or else it will only make things harder for them in the future.

You must let them make mistakes and learn from them, so they learn to stand on their feet.



Nothing pleases the Life Path 6 Number than being of help to mankind.

They generally choose career options that would enable them to serve people as much as possible.

Nurses, doctors, counselors, fire fighters, law keepers, social workers, spiritual teachers, healers, priests and politicians are the careers they will feel fulfilled in doing.

All these are suitable for them because their aim in life is to work towards the betterment of the society in general.

Usually the Number 6 people excel in their career.



Number 6 people will observe a subtle beneficial change in their general well-being and can increase their positive essence by wearing Opals next to skin.

The skin vibration bring a tendency to suffer from infection of the throat, nose and upper part of the influenced by 6 are prone to breast problem and sometimes milk fever in child birth.

There are often mild heart complaints which lead to irregular circulation of blood.

The bladders, kidneys, are vulnerable and 6 people should avoid foods with sugar.

May, October and November of every year are the months when most ill health symptoms mental or physical sickness or accident will strike the Number 6 person, brought on by negative emotional attitudes, depression, tension, anxiety or overwork.

The food which should be eaten frequently by a 6 person are all kinds of beans, parsnips, spinach, melons, apples, peaches, apricots, figs almonds and walnut.