Life Path Number 7

Life Path Number 7

Life Path Number 7 people are known as the researchers.

The Life Path Number are very inquisitive, mysterious and mystical by its intrinsic nature and having an interest in gaining knowledge and wisdom.

Sometimes you can be an extremely spiritual being.

You are analytical, sensible, and like to have your privacy, because you see it as fun and that’s where you are able to gain a lot of understanding you are looking for.

You have a strong, determined and efficient personality.

You have strong methods, beliefs, and principles that are very difficult to be changed or manipulated.

However, you are a loner, which is why you will find it difficult to have friends around you.

The Life Path Number 7 people have a beautiful personality and possess a magnetic charm.

You are smart, humorous.

Staying aloof, you might become skeptical, suspicious, gloom-ridden and a little selfish, pessimistic and devoid of love and affection.

Sometimes you can be a free thinker.

You are talented in gaining a lot of wisdom and knowledge.



Muhammad Ali, Christian Bale, Antonio Banderas, James Cameron, Eric Clapton, Johnny Depp, Leonardo Dicaprio, Michael Douglas, Mel Gibson, Hugh Grant, Tommy Hilfiger, Janet Jackson and Donna Karan



The Life Path 7 is for the researchers.

They are so spiritual that are already always on the path of looking for the truth and its discovery into the unknown realms.

You explore various dimensions of life, trying to discover the ultimate truth and once get that you walk on that path.

Life Path 7 is mysterious and mystical in nature.

Thus, their main aim is to explore the unknown and dive deep into the unexplored regions of oneself to look for the ultimate truth and gain pure knowledge.

Gaining knowledge and wisdom is the greatest aim of the Life Path Number 7.

You are capable of achieving many things in life, because of your analytical and sensible nature.

You may continue to solve puzzles until you have found what you were looking for, without minding how many years it takes you.



Life Path Number 7 people are loners who doesn’t want any disturbances from anyone, especially when they are in their researching mood.

They realized they need to spend time by themselves to introspect.

You may come across challenges in trying to look for the truth.

However, the Life Path 7 must have in mind that this is a gradual process and one cannot know everything just by glancing through the field.

However, you are determined and efficient enough to solve this confusion and get an answer to it.

You have your own methods, beliefs, and principles which make you an explorer, a mystic, and a spiritual being.

Thus, you may find it difficult to have close relationships with the people around you, especially your wife.

You should know about the numerology relationship compatibility before getting married to your partner, so you don’t encounter different problems in future.

You get irritated easily when not given your privacy or to stay by yourself.

Therefore try to keep calm and handle things in a better approach.

You are smart and like to show off your skills to the people around you which make you attractive.

At times you always want to be around your loved ones, and then boom that manner of being solitude comes upon you again, that’s the reason why the only state where you like dwelling most of the times as you identify peace is being alone.

You are not really familiar with people around, and you are so conscious of your privacy that you don’t want people to know much about you.

However, deep down inside, you want to have a handful of close relationships.

Although, you must remember, living like a recluse has its own negativity.

You are a very skeptical person and have trust issues; you always believe everyone has a negative plan again you.

Distance between you and loved ones might happen because you might be gloom-ridden and a bit selfish by nature, which can hamper your relationship.

Keeping away from people will have a pessimistic influence on you, but it may also deprive you of the love, affection.

You must remember that you’re not the center of the universe.

The world does not revolve around you.

Try to interact with people, so as to be aware of what you are doing wrong.

Too much isolation can make you overthink and may even disconnect you from the rest of the world which may have its own disadvantages.

You will secretly feel envious of people who have been socially active and bonding well with others, which you may not.

You need to be able to deal with people while being an introvert.

Try to master the concept of give and take to the people around you, in other to realize the beauty of knowledge which in turn may aid you in connecting with people as well.

Lot of wisdom is what you will attain, and then when you get to some certain stage, you would have gained enough to know how the world works and the spiritual element of life.

You are a seeker and know how to teach people the knowledge you have acquired, which will assist you to grow, nurture and evolve yourself in a way that will make you realize more about humanity and spirituality.

More so, you will be great in the field of science and research, religion, invention.



As a Life Path Number 7, you need constant reassurance and comfort in order to surrender fully to love.

This is as a result of struggle you will need to face in other to conduct yourself in a relationship.

Life Path 7 needs to know that the quest for knowledge they always seek for is totally different from love; love does not have an end goal or ultimate purpose.

Instead, it’s about trusting and enjoying the process.

Therefore, instead of putting all their heart in a relationship, it is advisable for the 7, to pursue their own passions and interests while still devoting themselves to a relationship.



You are a seeker and well versed in analyzing things in a very sensible manner, that’s why a lot of Number 7 does great in lecturing or teaching.

Furthermore, you will experience great success in the field of science and research, religion and invention.


The Number 7 will experience a sustable change in their general well-being and can increase their positive essence by wearing amethyst and emiraid next to the skin.

Lilies and lotus blossom will equally curiously lift their spirit when the heart is sad.

The Number 7 are likely to suffer from anxiety; these people are mostly easily affected by worries, annoyance, and frustration than others.

As loge as to their personal and business affairs they are running smoothly, they are capable of producing amounts of work, at home or in the office.

The Life Path Number 7 people will take any responsibility, and they are conscious in carrying out their work, they don’t realize they are not strong physical but mentally.

They usually have delicate skin, sensitive to sun and friction, some peculiar potty regards to perspiration, and eating something that disagree with the digestive system frequently result in pimples, boils and rashes.

January, February, July and August are months most ill symptoms, mental or physical accident or ill strike the Number 7, brought on by emotional attitude, depression, anxiety.

The Number 7 people should practice and remain serene each year of the months.

The food which should be eaten frequently are lettuce, Cabbage, endives, cucumber, Mushrooms, apples of all fruit.

The principal herbs which will go a long way towards achievement of permanent health for a 7 person are culcory, cohort, linseed, ceps and Sore.