Life Path Number 9

Life Path Number 9

Life Path Number 9 people have a very slight difference with the 6.

They Life Path Number 9 people are popular, givers, humanitarian, generous, with a sense of deep affection and empathy for people and are always willing to assist them.

Life Path Number 9 people are idealistic reformers.

They believe in equality, they can be so sad when they realized justice is not being served to a particular situation.

Sometime, they can portray the qualities of all the Numbers.

They do well in a nonprofit organization, designing, as an artist, a photographer, a good politician, a lawyer, etc.

In monetary aspect, they don’t get stuck; they can actually get money from any source.



Rowan Atkinson, Tyra Banks, Bea Arthur, Roberto Benigni, Jim Carrey, Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman, Anthony Hopkins, Whitney Houston, Michael Richards, Kurt Russell, Sharon Stone and Renee Zellweger.



The Life Path Number 9 people are popular, humanitarian, generous and humble in their personality.

They don’t feel fine, until they help people, because that is their ultimate heart desires.

They are always willing to give time, energy and money, because they feel that is what makes them complete.

As a Life Path Number 9, your thinking are not always shallow, that is why you are more interested in knowing how to attain the bigger picture in life, with the mindset in helping.

Working with people make toy gives you the opportunity of making larger impact on your goals, that is why you wouldn’t mind in carrying along your working partners in anything you do, if things are always working out positively.

You are a strong willed person, who believe so much in your decision, and will never get influenced by the general.

Equal right is what you give people, without being biased in your judgments.

This is a great quality you have, that others follow your step and appreciate it.



For the fact that you possess the qualities of other Numerology makes you perfect your ideas, and your giving abilities will pave way for you to be an important person in the society.

You will be popular, and do great in artistic fields, photography, designing, etc.

More so, you will be a great philanthropist because your dream is to work for the betterment of the society.

Sustainable change for the humankind is more paramount to you, you don’t want to be distracted, and so you need to get rid of materialistic desires.



When in love, the Life Path Number 9 are so dedicated, and are meant to love.

It will be good to stay humble and limit the act of looking for money at all cost and not focusing on your relationship.

The concept of give and take wouldn’t be a bad idea.

You are someone who is lovable and is also able to love your partner with as much passion



Having money through a mysterious and unpredictable ways comes so natural, when Life Path Number 9 is involved.

It is very important for you to put more focus on work that matters, if you don’t want the case to be an adverse effect one, or else you may not be able to earn or get a constant flow of money.

You will do well in fields like nonprofit organization, designing, as an artist, a photographer, a good politician, a lawyer.



Number 9 people will observe a subtle and beneficial change in their general well-being and can increase their positive essence by wearing a ruby next to the skin.

The Number 9 bring a tendency to suffer from headache, extremely high fever, illness that strike suddenly and usually disappear as quickly as they appear, it’s very rare for a person to develop an illness that is linger or chronic and should this occur, it’s important such sickness since it’s oppose to the very extent.

9 people seldom avoid chickenpox, smallpox, scarlet fever or scampering and such.

9 people should be careful not to take chance during sports and other such activities, cuts, and burns.

They may be more than average tooth problem and frequently trip to the dentist.

9 people are especially warned to avoid rich food, alcoholic drinks and wines of all kinds.

February, April, May, October and November of every year are the months when most ill symptoms mental and physical sickness or accident will strike the Number 9 person brought by negative emotional attitudes, depression, tension and anxiety of overwork.

The food which should be frequently eaten by Number 9 includes onion, garlic, rhubarb, horse apish and tomatoes.

The principal foods that will go a long way toward the eventual achievement of permanent good health for a Number 9 person are mustard seed, wormwood, belong, spearwort, white hell bore , ginger, pepper, broom, madder, sandwort and juice of nettle.