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The Natal Chart is the exact position of the planets at the moment of your birth. Synastry Astrology (otherwise known as Compatibility Astrology) can be very useful for you regardless of the current status of your relationship…


Discover how to make your relationships flourish?

You already know what the natal chart is; this is the exact position of the planets at the moment of your birth.

Synastry astrology (otherwise known as Compatibility astrology) can be very useful for you regardless of the current status of your relationship.

By this I mean that your full Compatibility Reading can help you resolve the questions YOU have about this significant other in your life and can help you to pinpoint the areas where failures may have occurred or other areas where your relationship was and is strong and should be built upon.

My work for you consists of a comparison of your two natal charts which brings out the major themes of your relationship and allows me to predict the possible outcomes of your union.

Every relationship is an individual , as are its participants ! Working on a Compatibility Report is like analyzing the natal chart of the relationship!

Your Compatibility Report will tell you…

All the details about each and every area of your relationship, as well as the emotional needs, hang-ups and issues, the temperament of that person. You will learn exactly what each of you can bring into your couple and what is the relationship potential according to your both birth details. I will tell you how the two of you experience each other and I will also analyze your relationship from the perspective of each of you two.

The Composite Chart Analysis will allow you to discover the way to make your Relationship work and more precisely :

  1. What are the important themes in your relationship. You will learn what is the basis of your relationship that you can build on together.
  2. How you complement each other, what qualities you value the most in each other.
  3. How you communicate with each other, as communication is the bridge that links people together, the guarantee that you can grow and develop together.
  4. What challenges to relating can pop up in your couple and how you can avoid them ?
  5. I will also analyse the background of your relations.
  6. In your report you will equally receive the Compatibility Scores in 8 different categories, to see which areas are the most emphasized in your interaction and which areas will need more of your attention.

You will also receive Full Character Analysis of that person, including :

  1. How that person approaches the life in general, how they appear to other people.
  2. The inner self of your partner, the real motivation and ambitions of the person who you have in your heart in order to support and help them move forward with strength and confidence.
  3. The emotions of that person : how their moods and feelings influence your relationships and what that person is waiting for in your life together ?
  4. What are the drives and ambitions of your partner ?
  5. How do they tend to approach their goals and dreams?

Finally I will work on Your detailed Love and Romance Forecast for the next three-month period and will explain : :

  1. What are the key dates in your love life during the next three months ?
  2. What steps you will need to make in regards to that special person and what you need to know before taking the decisions ?
  3. What pitfalls you may encounter during the next three months in your romantic relationship and how you need to handle them in order to avoid any issues ?
  4. How you need to act in order to shine in the eyes of the person who is so important to you and what will attract them ?
  5. How to keep the fire burning in the long-term perspective and much more…

Just fill in the short form below to order your Personal detailed Compatibility Forecast and you will receive your report with all the information I have talked about in your email in just 48 hours !


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