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The Moon, being the closest celestial body to the Earth, influences our lives, the environment we live in, natural cycles and animals in many different ways…


Discover the influence of the Moon on your life?

The Moon, being the closest celestial body to the Earth, influences our lives, the environment we live in, natural cycles and animals in many different ways.

Generally speaking, in Astrology the influence of the Moon is associated with our emotions, feelings, intuition, imagination, dreams and everything related to our subconscious.

The meaning of the Moon in the Natal Chart

The Moon represents the yin feminine energy to the contrary of the Sun, which is the most yang.

The Moon reflects the energy of the Sun and this way links our inner world to the outer one, it rules our perception of the reality forming our character and personality.

The Moon is also the quickest planet in your natal chart with an approximate twenty-eight days cycle during which it goes through eight different phases.

These phases reflect different relationships between the two most important planets in the natal chart The Sun and the Moon, as each night a different amount of the sunlight is giving off by the Moon.

The position of the Moon in the astral sky influences everyday life, routine, ability to accomplish necessary things that need to be done.

From the point of view of the family the Moon symbolizes a woman generally speaking, and more precisely mother, giving birth to the child and leading him to the outer world.

It defines the interaction between the real material world and the unseen realms of world.

In karmic astrology the Moon represents the energy passed down through your family and parents.

When talking about the situation in the country or in the particular society the Moon addresses religious believes, psychological state of people, attitude towards their surroundings.

The phases of the Moon

The eight phases of the Moon, mentioned previously, have their own characteristics and influence all the life on our planet in different ways, each of them lasting for about three and half days, when the Moon moves approximatively forty-five degrees forward:

The New Moon – relates to the new beginning, a fresh start; there is an instinctive tendency to begin a new business, project or relationships

The Crescent Phase – a key word for this period is a breakthrough, it is the time when everything that was started during the previous period can be developed

The First Quarter – this is the period where a lot of energy is released and the most important thing to do is to be able to manage this energy and to use it with wisdom, instead of wasting time unnecessarily rushing around

The Gibbous Phase – the stage of perfection; this is a phase when people tend to analyze and reflect on their actions

The Full Moon – the most intense phase, a completion of the hard work accomplished before, at this time the objective is to see the results of the efforts and get the benefits

The Disseminating Phase – the key word here is the harvest, the Moon energies encourage the desire to share and to communicate

The Third Quarter – the lack of interest in any new beginnings and passiveness are characteristic of this period. Unconsciously one can feel the changes coming, however they have no real form yet

The Balsamic Phase – it is the last phase of the Moon’s cycle. It is the time to prepare for the next cycle, perfect time for meditation and rest to restore the energy for new beginnings.

The Lunar phases create a circle of energy forces, which in their turn affect our personal inner energy, our drive for success and achievements, but also ocean tides, animal reproductive cycles, migration of the birds, that depend on Lunar phase for finding the best direction and timing, rainfall cycles, etc.

Positive aspects of the Moon give you confidence in yourself, put in a good mood, and make you more intuitive and instinctive.

Therefore, the Moon is one of the fundamental energies, influencing our lives and also forming the very basis of our personality.

You can learn more about the influence of the Moon on your life from Personal Lunar Report.

In the first part of your Lunar Report you will learn :

  1. What are the key dates for you during different phases of the Moon ?

  2. What is the Galactic Center and why it is so important to take into account its position? How to handle its influence ?

  3. Moon’s effects on you : your life, your environment, your emotions and nature in general.

  4. The link between the Moon and your biorhythms.

  5. How does the Moon influence your dreams ?

  6. What are the results that you can obtain by taking into account the influence of the Moon and what are the best moments to act according to its position?

The second part of your report will include your personal three-months forecast that will cover all the details that are necessary for fluid and quick progress in different areas of your life.

Your Personal day-by-day Forecast will cover :

  1. The daily astral shifts for the next three months, the positions of the planets and their influence on all the areas of your life.

  2. The positive periods when you will have the opportunity to move forward in achieving your dreams.

  3. You will be able to plan in advance important decisions, meetings and decisive conversations that will allow you to approach them wisely and be on the top when they finally happen.

  4. Your state of mind and emotions on a daily basis, how to avoid the pitfalls and get the best out of each and every day.

  5. And much more personal details about yourself and your life…


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