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Numerology is the study of numbers and their connection with different aspects of our lives, as well as different traits of our character…


What’s your Lucky Number?

Numerology is the study of numbers and their connection to different aspects of our lives, as well as different traits of our character.

I will not enter into too many technical details, but just want to let you know that the first records of numerological readings date back to Egyptian and Babylonian times, which means that this technique for personal analysis and predicting the future has proved itself efficient through the centuries!

But the real “father” of Numerology is the Greek mathematician Pythagoras, who created and developed numerous theories in the IV century B.C. Though he studied mathematics, he was also trying to explain the world through numbers, creating this way his own way of self-expression.

I have started learning the science of numbers a long time ago and what attracted me a lot is that it is used by numerous cultures to analyze the past and to predict the future.

It is evident that throughout all our lives we are confronted with different numbers that influence us in this or that way, and knowing how to interpret these influences and handle them can be useful and often decisive in getting the best out of situations.

Moreover, understanding and applying numerology in everyday life can help reveal talents, resolve the spiral of problems that constantly pop up in relations and professional sphere, find long-term solutions to different issues.

So here is everything I include in Personal Detailed Numerology Report:

At the beginning, I will analyze your Four Core Numbers, which are the Life Path, Birthday Number, Expression and Heart’s Desire Number.

  1. The analysis of your Life Path Number will give a broad outline of opportunities, lessons and challenges in different areas of life

  2. In the analysis of your Birthday Number, I will explain specific talents and what to do to reveal them

  3. The Expression Number reveals your goals and objectives, which are the most important

  4. Your Heart’s Desire Number will reveal the true nature and real motivations

In the second part, I will work on a detailed analysis of your strong points. Hidden Passions and Karmic Lessons will indicate what was given to a person at birth and what needs to be developed.

I will also analyze the approach to life from different points of view (physical, mental, emotional, intuitive).

I will show the best ways to handle challenges, and also new and more effective methods of solving problems.

The following part will give a detailed outlook on the pinnacles and the cycles of life that a person goes through.

The pinnacles are very important and the transition between them often marks a strong turning point into one’s life.

This goes for the Cycles as well.

Finally the last but a very important part of the Numerology Report will reveal your Personal Lucky Numbers for life and key dates for the next three months, what do they mean, what role they play in your life and how you can benefit from their positive influences.

Just fill in the short form below to order your Personal detailed Numerology Forecast and you will receive your report with all the information I talked about to your email in just 72 hours !


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