Your Birth Chart Consultation [1 Hour]

Original price was: ₦70,000.Current price is: ₦50,000.

This reading gives you a complete picture of the planetary energies and astrological themes that shape your life and identity.

I check all signs, planets and aspects deeply to identify trends along with significant opportunities and challenges that map back to your real-life experiences.


Recommended for First-Time Clients:

This reading takes 60 minutes (plus additional time for Q&A) and requires birth date, year, time, and location.

This can hold on any social media platform available for you.

— All planetary bodies by placement in sign and house, and in relation to the other planets.

— I also incorporate the Fixed Stars when applicable.

This reading will be useful for both first-time and experienced astrology clients.


Blue, Green, Red


Large, Medium, Small


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