Your Synastry/Relationship Reading [1 Hour]


Wondering how to best use the energies in your relationship?

I overlap the charts of you and your partner to find the chemistry, as well as the challenges…


You’ll walk away from this reading with a clearer understanding of how to evolve the relationship and how to better process any issues.

You MUST have your partner’s consent to do this.

You may of course both attend the reading too.


Recommended for First-Time or Returning Clients:

This reading takes 60 minutes (plus additional time for Q&A) and requires the birth date, year, time and location of both you and your partner.

This can hold on any social media platform available for you.

— All planetary bodies by placement in sign and house of both partners, as well as aspects to each other’s placements.

— Incorporate the Fixed Stars when applicable.


Blue, Green, Red


Large, Medium, Small


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