Your Transits Consultation [1 Hour]

Original price was: ₦90,000.Current price is: ₦70,000.

Need help timing certain decisions?

Curious to see how the current planetary transits are impacting your life?


I invite you to explore how you can redirect your energy most productively to meet the opportunities and dynamic challenges presented by current or upcoming transits.

You can choose the time range!


Recommended for Returning Clients:

This reading takes 60 minutes (plus additional time for Q&A) and requires birth date, year, time and location.

This can hold on any social media platform available for you.

— All planetary bodies in their current transits and their relationship to your
birth placements.

This reading will be useful primarily for those who have already received a birth chart analysis, or those who are looking for recommendation on ideal times to make certain decisions.


Blue, Green, Red


Large, Medium, Small


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